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As a general rule, the most frequent electronic certificates are accepted in this Virtual Office: DNIe, FNMT, etc. You can consult the complete list of certificates accepted by Banco de España on the following page: en nueva ventana

However, given that each procedure defines the certificates accepted, it is advisable to read the documentation accompanying each one in order to learn about its particular features.

Electronic certificates issued by Banco de España

Additionally, Banco de España is able to issue a type of electronic certificate that is valid for some of the available procedures. For further information, please consult the following page: en nueva ventana

Additional information

The following relevant files are at your disposition:

  • Signature verification manual
    This document provides guidelines for the configuration and use of the Adobe Reader application to validate electronic signatures on PDF documents.
  • ACraizv2-sha256.crt
    Banco de España root Certification Authority Certificate
  • ACcorporativav2-sha256.crt
    Banco de España intermediate Certification Authority Certificate

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