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Certificates and electronic access

Electronic certificates

The most common electronic certificates are accepted in this Electronic Office: DNIe, FNMT, etc. You can check the complete list of certificates accepted by the Banco de España on the following webpage: https://pki.bde.es/pkibde/es/menu/certaceptados/Open in a new window 

Electronic certificates issued by the Banco de España

In addition, the Banco de España has the possibility of issuing a type of electronic certificate that is valid for some of the procedures available. For further information, please check the following webpage: https://pki.bde.es/pkibde/es/menu/solicitudes/Open in a new window 

Other identification options

Citizens who have an account in the Cl@ve system will be able to use this option to access the procedures that allow them to do so.

For further information about the Cl@ve system, please check the following webpage: https://clave.gob.es/Open in a new window

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