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Organisation of processes for consultation and access

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Organisation of processes for consultation and access

To make them easier to find, the available formalities and processes are grouped by target group: the general public, companies, financial institutions and government bodies.

A section has also been added where users can consult all the processes, Processes and services, regardless of group, in alphabetical order.

Each process will include the following information: a detailed description of the process; the group to which it is relevant; how to start a process, whether in person, by post or online; whether documentation needs to be presented, and which documents are required.

Meanwhile, the right-hand side of the screen will show the following information relating to the process:

  • Contact: contact information for the Banco de España unit responsible for the process.
  • Processing: where users can download forms, and if there is an online processing option, they can also initiate the process.
  • Relevant regulations: Regulations which affect the process.
  • Other useful information: with documentation about manuals, instructions and other information associated with the process.

In the near future, in order to continue improving our services and promoting new technology and e-Administration, new processes and services will be added gradually, in order to make it easier to use the Banco de España services, thus contributing to a more effective performance of its duties.

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