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Registration for online courses on euro banknotes and coins ES_BDE_C125_P249

Process description

The Banco de España delivers online courses for professionals on the security features of euro banknotes and coins, the conditions of circulation and the procedures for selection in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Eurosystem on the authenticity and suitability of banknotes and coins.

In order to meet the specific needs of applicants, three different online courses are offered.

  • Selección manual del efectivoin Spanish, aimed primarily at professionals in the area of cash subject to compliance with the regulation on the recirculation of banknotes and coins.
  • Conozca el euro, in Spanish, aimed at traders and other professionals who handle cash or citizens who wish to familiarise themselves with the security features of banknotes and coins and what to do if they suspect that a banknote or coin may be counterfeit.
  • El euro: elementos de seguridad y protección legal, in Spanish, aimed at other professionals who need to familiarise themselves with the security features of banknotes and coins and the framework for legal protection and the recirculation of cash.

In the section “Other useful information” you can find the specific programme for each course in the document “Cursos online sobre billetes y monedas en euros”.

Target audience

Employees dealing with cash in financial institutions, cash in transit companies, machinery manufacturers, currency exchange outlets, public institutions, security forces and other professionals who handle cash and citizens.

How to start the process


There are two possibilities for accessing the online training:

  1. Through the Banco de España platform.
  2. In the case of organisations interested in managing the training of their personnel internally, the Banco de España offers the possibility of integrating the content to be displayed within their own in-house platforms. A content transfer agreement must be signed first in this case.

In both cases, request should be made by completing the form provided in the “Contact us” section.

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